Don't sweat it with Ably® Apparel

Don't sweat it with Ably® Apparel


Don't sweat it with Ably® Apparel

No, really … don’t sweat it. Ably® Apparel has recently launched eco-friendly and nano-free technology that enhances natural fabrics, like cotton, with high performance features that repel liquids, odors and stains without compromising its natural feel or breathability. These new products feature technology that allows for you to not have to worry when you spill condiments, food, dirt and other liquids on yourself while you’re either at an event or with the family. The substance will trickle right off the fabric or can be rinsed away with water.

Ahead of the Holiday season, Ably sent over a sample product of one of the performance Tourist Pocket-Less Tees and it brought magic to the season. Being based in NYC, I get snowed on or constantly sweat because of my excessive share of winter clothes but the t-shirt that I’ve received allows me to keep up the fitness grind because it can combat the moisture from the snow, rain, sweat, or you name it – this is an excellent product to have and I look forward to checking it out during the Summer months when I’m melting away while jogging around Central Park.

Also, the gear is very easy to either carry with you as it’s light and nimble, or you can also wear it under your outerwear. The brand also features heavier options for the colder months, including flannels, button-ups, zip-up jackets and pullovers. They have both men’s and women’s apparel that could be a great way to ring in 2018 for the New Year’s fitness resolutions that we all know and love.

A little bit of background on the new technologies that Ably has introduced that will bring a smile to the eco-enthusiast in you: The clothes are made with Filium® which activates fabrics like cotton, silk and wool that can outperform synthetics. The company boasts that in this new product line, no nano-particles or harmful chemicals were used while making these high-performance, lightweight garbs. This means that while wearing them, you will not have to worry about break down on your skin or in the environment.

The company has also shared that until December 24, 2017, they are offering 15% off of your entire order when you use the code “BNQTAbly” during checkout at


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