BNQT: A Privateer's View - Adam Enticknap

BNQT: A Privateer's View - Adam Enticknap


BNQT: A Privateer's View - Adam Enticknap

Throughout the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Season, BNQT will be bringing you behind the gates and showing you the side of Supercross racing that is its’ core.

Behind the factory teams and the big brand sponsors are the Privateer racers.

Fueled by individual love and passion, Privateers in the Supercross world make up for half of the racers that you see week to week. What you don’t see if the hard work and the sacrifices that they make to create an opportunity to make their dream happen.

The 722 of Adam Enticknap is one of those Privateers who is in position this season to put the factory teams on notice that he can be one of the top in the sport.

Adam Enticknap (722); Monster Energy Cup; Supercross; Las Vegas; October 14, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

“My off season training program has been the best it has ever been.” said Enticknap. “I started back in May, battled through some injuries I sustained in the final race of the 2017 in Vegas, but now I feel like I am at the best performance level of my career. Changes to my workouts and my diet have been program altering in a positive direction.”

Without the major sponsorship aid that factory teams enjoy, Privateers can be hit or miss when it comes to results, but they always play a factor on race day.

“My benchmark goal for this year is to be a consistent 12th to 15th place finish in every main event,” said Enticknap. “When I show up to a race, I want to be the most consistent I can be and I want to be taken seriously as a rider. The factory teams that I want to be a part of are looking at me and waiting on me to deliver the results and the fitness level they want to see in a top tier rider. Attaining those results is all on me. There are not a lot of riders that are available to fill those top tier spots on the major teams, so I need to make it hard for them to pass me up for those spots. I feel like what I have done to this point puts me into their view, but now it is time for me to close the deal.”

Adam (722) and Tyler (723) Enticknap; Monster Energy Supercross; Las Vegas; May 5-6, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Adam enjoys a luxury on the Supercross circuit that very few have ever enjoyed before, racing with his brother Tyler.

“Tyler and I are so close that racing with him makes going to ‘work’ even better. We also are so close in our fitness level, that we can push each other easier and make that next step in progress together. When we were training with Ken (Roczen) it was difficult. Our fitness levels were so far apart that it became a frustration for me. Having Tyler be a virtual replica of me, allows me to gauge where I am at and where I can improve. Without each other, I can promise you that neither one of us would be were we are today.”

Adam Enticknap (722); Monster Energy Cup; Supercross; Las Vegas; October 14, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Off the track, Enticknap has made a name for himself as a strong artist in the Hip Hop and Rap community.

“In my life, riding dirt bikes is my number one priority, but a close number two is making great music. Music is in the family. My Grandmother is a world class singer who has traveled all over to sing with orchestras. When I was young, on our trips to National races, we would turn on the radio and freestyle our own words into the song. I found out at an early age that I was really good and blending my words into the music and that my combination of words were powerful and allowed me to tell a story. I purchased a cheap USB mic and started to make music. I produced about 20 songs and played them for friends and family and people really liked what I had put together. From there I created my first album Heat 1 and it did really well on charts all over the nation. I was even ranked top five in iTunes at one point. I love making good music. I write, produce, edit and cut the song you hear. Everything except write the beat.”

“Music has always been a place for me to escape and refocus my life. Heat 1 was created while I was going through a significant injury that kept me out of the gym and off the track. Finding solace in a place that allows you to grow in yourself is one of the best things you can have in life. I am lucky and blessed with an artistic talent. Growing up, my parents taught us to always finish what we started and to pursue our passions in life. There were times that things were tough and they pushed me to the point of saying ‘F%&@ You’ but I know without a doubt that without them, I would not be as far along in my life. Music has allowed me to explore other interests in my life and find a place and find passions that will keep me from finding myself in a miserable 9-5. At the end of the day I will always follow my passions no matter where they lead and I will find a level of success that I am pleased with.”

You can download the latest single from Adam (7dueceduece) here


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