RiDE. It's more than just learning. It's an experience

RiDE. It's more than just learning. It's an experience


RiDE. It's more than just learning. It's an experience

Racing is fun. Racing is developmental. Racing teaches life lessons. Racing inspires.

As the motorsports and racing community continues to grow and dominate the sports landscape, the appetite to learn more and be a bigger part of the community is at an all time level.

RiDE, a new venture from Feld Motorsports and the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), will help to quench that appetite through a ride experience providing instruction and inspiration.

“Our goal is to get future generations more educated on motorcycles and ATV machines,” said Lindsey Alkire, Media Operations Manager Feld Entertainment. “The RiDE project has always been a project in the back of my mind for awhile and over the summer I was given the opportunity from Feld and the MIC to bring this concept to life. Through the education, instruction we hope to inspire new generations of families to fall in love with racing the way we all have. The love for racing is one that is different for everyone on their own personal level. It creates a connection in their life with something or someone that can provide unbelievable experiences for them.”

Debuting this weekend in Anaheim for the Anaheim Monster Jam, the RiDE Experience will feature a large activation zone with a learn to ride area.

“We want to be able to teach them the sport of riding the proper way, with safety and technique leading the way,” said Alkire. “We have a VR Experience of racing a supercross bike on an actual race bike, to balance bikes for the youth up to motorcycles for adults both old and young, the RiDE experience will be free to be a part of with a valid ticket to the event.”

Funded in partnership between Feld Motorsports and the MIC Council, the RiDE Experience will tour around with the Monster Jam circuit.

“We choose to have the RiDE Experience be a part of Monster Jam rather than Supercross to reach a new fanbase of race fans to introduce them to motorcycles and invite them to be a part of one of the best racing communities out there,” said Alkire. “The Monster Jam pit party is so much fun for every fan. There are so many activities for the entire family. Every fan should make RiDE a part of their pit party adventure.”

“From proper instruction, safety and overall family fun, RiDE has been a passion project for me and to be able to debut it this weekend and to know that I am inspiring future generations of riders and fans.”

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