TheraGun + X Games = Therapy

TheraGun + X Games = Therapy


TheraGun + X Games = Therapy

For Dr. Jason Wersland, making people feel great has been his number one goal. But this week, Dr. Jason is taking his TheraGun to the top of the action sports community as Dr. Jason will be taking care of the X Games athletes in the athlete lounge in Aspen, Colorado.

For those unfamiliar with the TheraGun, the TheraGun G2PRO harnesses the medical benefits of localized vibration therapy to treat muscular discomfort, facilitate faster muscle recovery, and improve mobility. Furthermore, TheraGun’s scientifically calibrated frequency interrupts the brain’s reception of pain signals, thereby reducing discomfort during the treatment process.

Because of its’ design, the TheraGun can be taken anywhere without the need of an office or electricity, which makes its presence at the X Games a no brainer.

Dr. Jason will be the exclusive doctor working with the athletes in the athlete lounge. Not to be confused with the medical staff working the event, but within the confines of the lounge where athletes can go and relax and get ready for competition, Dr. Jason will be there working with them as they need it.

“We don’t ever want to be pushy with the product,” said Dr. Jason. “We know that the product sells itself when you use it. We have always wanted to promote personal health from every standpoint and sometimes that means just coming to a place where you can sit and let your body relax, refresh and find personal balance.”

But how did this come to be where Dr. Jason became a part of the lounge? The athletes have the Dave Mathews Band to thank for that. The tour manager for the band is also the manager of the athlete lounge and the band is an avid user of the TheraGun. Familiar with the product, the manager of the lounge invited Dr. Jason to be a part of the lounge a few years back and now he has become the Dr. of choice in there.

“Before we had a place at X Games, many of the athletes around the sport disciplines had the product,” said Dr. Jason. “From the beginning it has just worked. The marriage of the TheraGun and the athletes was a natural combination. When athletes use the product, they fall in love with it. From there it grew where the product was taken on air with the webcast with Jack Mitrani and now athletes over all the disciplines from ski, board, skate, bmx and moto use it. Athletes are there to have a good time and perform well and that is what we promote as a company. We couldn’t ask for a better synthesis.”

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