BNQT Privateer Profile - Cheyenne Harmon - "There's No Place Like Home"

BNQT Privateer Profile - Cheyenne Harmon - "There's No Place Like Home"


BNQT Privateer Profile - Cheyenne Harmon - "There's No Place Like Home"

For a professional supercross racer in the Privateer program, home is where you train to race. Often times, where you train to compete is nowhere near home. But how much does racing at home make a difference? For Privateer Cheyenne Harmon, it’s massive.

With the race in Arlington, Texas this past weekend, Harmon could actually say “There is no place like home.”

Photo: Hazbeenz Moto

Growing up in Ovilla, Texas and currently in the Fort Worth area, Harmon was able to line up in the gates in Arlington to race in front of friends and family, “the team that helps make this dream a reality” according to Harmon.

“I went to my first supercross race in 2002 when the race was in Irving, Texas,” said Harmon. “I grew up racing cross country off road racing but I always knew racing supercross was what I wanted to do. I made the switch to just focusing on supercross racing just before I got my pro license when I was 16 years old. When you grow up as a kid and you talk about what you want to do in life, I don’t know how many kids get to actually do what they say they want to be, but I do. It’s definitely awesome racing in front of the home team and home town this weekend. The pre race vibe is so different when its a home town race.”

For racers at the highest level, a consistent routine helps to bring about on track success. For Harmon, that routine comes with a little extra bit of comfort and familiarity as he is able to stay home the night before the race rather than living the hotel life. But how much can that change the comfort level of the rider? According to Harmon, a lot!

“Comfort and routine are the biggest aides to a successful day of racing. I am feeling so good. Sleeping in my own bed, eating my own food, keeping to my normal home routine gave me so much confidence going into race day.”

But is it more mental or physical comfort that comes with being at home?

“Both. You notice it in every way in your preparation. Things change in such a good way. Even something so small as knowing how to get to the stadium without having to use GPS makes such a difference mentally. You are able to ficus on other things versus stressing about making sure you follow the directions so you don’t get lost. Do not underestimate the small and simple things that you can enjoy when you are home.”

For Harmon, having friends and family there means the world.

“Supercross is the toughest sport in the planet. For me I race against the best riders in the world. Every week is an opportunity to showcase that my passion and drive in the sport. Being able to share that with friends and family up close is special.”



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