BNQT Inside Access - Behind the Supercross Social Scene with Andy Bowyer

BNQT Inside Access - Behind the Supercross Social Scene with Andy Bowyer


BNQT Inside Access - Behind the Supercross Social Scene with Andy Bowyer

For any business the goal is to create and maintain content that keeps the consumer engaged. In an ever expanding and sometimes saturated social media market, how does one stand out?

For Andy Bowyer, Digital Marketing Specialist, for FELD Entertainment and Monster Energy Supercross that is the ongoing question he solves weekly. Boyer first joined the Monster Energy Supercross team as the host of Race Day Live, but now in his third year in Digital Marketing, Bowyer looks to continue the massive growth numbers that the social media and other digital platforms are experiencing.

Andy Bowyer; FELD Entertainment

Last weekend after Round 8 in Tampa, a home race for FELD Entertainment, BNQT Senior Editor Tyler Tate, caught up with Bowyer to bring a behind the scenes look at the digital side of Supercross, as it is one of the strongest and fastest growing access point to the sport throughout the day for many fans.

BNQT: What does a week on social media look like for Monster Energy Supercross?

Bowyer: What is most important is creating and keeping to a content schedule. It may seem simple but it takes a lot of planning and teamwork to execute multiple posts on a variety of platforms. We have #MondayMotivation, #TurnTuesday, #WhipItWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday ad #FlashbackFriday. This content calendar works and it works well. The industry has caught on to what we are doing and have joined in. It also allows us to work together with our Global Partnerships Team to grow the sport internationally through using the hashtags.

Eli Tomac (3); Monster Energy Supercross Tampa; Raymond James Stadium; February 24, 2018; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Across the company we are a well oiled machine. We schedule out our content a month in advance and every team within the company can work off of that and it makes us a leader in strong content. It has taken us a few years to get to this point of seamless content but I know that without it we wouldn’t be growing as fast as we are.

As far as each day goes, like the riders after the weekend of racing, Monday is a recovery day for us. Everything from the weekend is pilled up so we use that day to recap what happened in both the 250 and 450 SX Classes and also get prepared for the week.

Tuesday is where the rubber meets the road. We call it “Super Tuesday” as it is the biggest day of the week for social. Aside from a race day, we have the most scheduled posts on a Tuesday. Tuesday sets the stage for the rest of the week and we use it to get the world, especially the followers of the sport, up to date on where the riders and the season is at. I also set up the live stream for Race Day live on Tuesday so we know that everything is set for Saturday. 1250 PM EST is when the show starts and when that time comes for the live stream to actually be “live” I get to see thousands of people logged into the que waiting for the show to start and that is awesome to see.

Wednesday is #WhipItWednesday which is a fun day for us because it’s all about style. Now days you don’t see the big whips and style like we used to see because guys are so good they just scrub the bike right through the jump. It doesn’t matter how we build the track now, the rider will find a way to keep the bike low and get over the jump but you will still find riders who want to show off a little and we love to show that off.

Zach Osborne (1); Monster Energy Supercross Tampa; Raymond James Stadium; February 24, 2018; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Thursday we begin the transition to the weekend and get ready for Friday.

Friday’s are generally press days at the race and we want to make sure we are spreading the message of Supercross through our media partners.

Saturday is the “Super Bowl” every race Saturday. On a digital platform, there is never a “lull” period. People want content and they want content immediately and constantly. We want to showcase bikes in the pits, riders at track walk and more. But importantly at the same time we want to feature Arenacross as that is happening somewhere else in the country as we want to grow our fan base everywhere.

BNQT: There is a routine to the content that is delivered as it is scheduled out in advance and you know what you are looking for to create the growth. Besides always finding ways to grow, where do you find that drive to push social to a new level?

Bowyer: The industry is competitive on the track and off it when it comes to social media and the coverage of the sport we are competitive as well. When that rider crosses the line with the checkered flag I want to posting a photo of that within seconds. It’s a team effort as we have several key people in place that all do their job well that makes that immediate post possible. 9 times out of 10 we beat everyone to that post. We also want to drive people back to the website through social. As soon as the race is over we want people to watch the post race press conference and drive traffic back to results.

BNQT: Where is growth of digital media at in regards to mainstream media?

Bowyer: I still feel like it’s in the early stages. We have an amazing broadcast partner in Fox Sports and in many ways our growth can be tied to that partnership and how we have mutually leveraged the coverage of the sport. The web continues to grow. Digitally we will not ever go back to old ways, ti will continue to grow. If you just consider the Supercross Video Pass, 65% of our fans that watch digitally are international fans. We want to make the experience of watch the race just as special for them as the fans in the stand. We have had purchases from 133 countries all around the world. I know that if we continue to work together to leverage our digital platform alongside with our other media partners the room for growth is immeasurable.

International Rider from France – Marvin Musquin (25); Anaheim 1; Monster Energy Supercross; January 6, 2018; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

BNQT: For you personally, why Digital Marketing instead of Race Day Live and where have you found growth?

Bowyer: While I was the host of Race Day Live, I was looking for full time work. I had 12 years as a journalist with Racer X, and I wanted to use those writing skills within the social media platforms and I was given a great opportunity to grow into this role and use my talents. The combination of knowing the sport and athletes at a high level allows me to create cool captions.

When I first started I felt like this would be an easy transition. Everyone that has a social media account feels like they could run a business account for a living. When I was given the goals and expectations of what and how much we needed to post I said “No problem”, I really didn’t think it could be too hard. But you quickly learn how much planning and creativity is needed to always be fresh with the content.

Preparation creates opportunity. If you are prepared the opportunities will come and it makes the process of making these opportunities successful far more enjoyable.


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