Cyclone Gita turns into a proper barrelfest at Superbank

Cyclone Gita turns into a proper barrelfest at Superbank


Cyclone Gita turns into a proper barrelfest at Superbank

It’s been an epic several weeks at the Superbank’s most coveted wave.

Over the years, we’ve heard time and again that all the sand pumping that created the Gold Coast’s Superbank had destroyed Kirra, one of the world’s classic right-handers. While it’s true that the sand moved the spotlight over to Snapper, there’s little evidence that mighty Kirra is dead.

When Cyclone Gita erupted in February, Mikey Mallalieu was there to capture the most insane moments to go down from one end of the Superbank to the other. But no doubt the craziest clips came from the classic herself: Kirra.

From February 16 to 17, Kirra was more than her old self again – she was a rifling barrel that just wouldn’t stop. Guys like Taj Burrow, Dean Morrison, Pat Gudauskas, and so many more, made the most of the Gita swell, pulling into one beautiful tube after another.

Along with Mikey, photographer Jesse Little was braving the hundreds-strong crowd to freeze some of the most brilliant action, which you can check out in the gallery above. And was Gita the end of the madness? Certainly not. Just as Stop #1 of the World Tour entered into its final days, another swell lit up the Superbank. It’s been an epic autumn on the Goldie – and it’s not over yet, so stay tuned.

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