Winter Out West Part 5

Winter Out West Part 5


Winter Out West Part 5

If you’d like to watch “Winter Out West” in full, it is now available for purchase here.

More about “Winter Out West” director Tom “Jenno” Jennings:

Tom “Jenno” Jennings calls the rugged coastline of West Oz home, and like most winters, he spent his last few driving up and down its 1000-mile coastline, sleeping in his car, eating meat pies, and relying on the surf for a shower. One day he’d be in the far southwest filming Jack Robinson in 8-to-10 foot tubes at North Point, and the next he’d be 12 hours north, swimming underneath scary slabs with Ry Craike and the desert crew filming with the heaviest of water housings with nothing but a pair of fins to keep his body afloat.

When it comes to water cinematography, Jennings is one of the best in the business. It’s a thankless job and it’s one that comes with real hazards. West Oz is notorious for great white sharks and Jennings bobbed around in the ocean without a surfboard for protection. He risked life and limb to get the incredible shots featured in this film. For Jennings, it was all worth it. “I like to record images that show more than just a surfer riding a wave,” said Jennings, “It’s nice to get shots that show perspective. Capturing the craziest moments the ocean has to offer is what I’m passionate about.”

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