Nike Australia presents "Medley" - A full length video

Nike Australia presents "Medley" - A full length video


Nike Australia presents "Medley" - A full length video

Medley is Nike SB Australia’s first full length video.

It brings together a diverse and highly talented group of up and comers that are next wave of the Nike SB Australian team.

Jason Rainbird
Noah Nayef
Rob Pace
Jack O’Grady
Jarrad Carlin
Sam Sutton
Hayley Wilson
Nicholas Andrewes
Dean Johnston
Corey Young
Rowan Davis
Charles Robertson
Ben Lawrie
Harry McEvoy
Riley Pavey
Raph Langslow

Brendan Gardoll
Geoff Campbell
Chris Middlebrook

Music :
Lawrence Greenwood

Art Direction:
Gabriel Cole

Additional Cinematography:
James James
Neihana Tonkin
Leigh Bolton
Colin Evans
Leo Carroll-Capp
Jon Fitzgerald
Cameron Sparkes
Dylan Bruns

Geoff Campbell
Chris Middlebrook

Produced and Directed:
Chris Middlebrook

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