Going hard enduro in one of Europe’s largest sawmills

Going hard enduro in one of Europe’s largest sawmills


Going hard enduro in one of Europe’s largest sawmills

XXL off-road experience: One of Europe’s largest sawmills as an oversized log section playground gives the Enduro rider Manuel Lettenbichler a training of a special kind

Drifting curves on mountains of sawdust, balancing on towering, never-ending tree-stacks, adventurous encounters with gigantic machines – Super Enduro junior champion Manuel Lettenbichler looks for spectacular tracks in the Binderholz sawmill in Fügen in Zillertal (Tyrol, Austria) and showcases his extraordinary talent.

No question, the 20-year-old youngster is carved out of the right wood, since it comes from the line of the legendary Enduro star Andi Lettenbichler. With his background as a trail biker, the kid out of Kiefersfelden (Germany) proves his riding skills on a terrain that is unparalleled to anything seen. The surface changes constantly, steep climbs on slippery bark alternate with dusty sawdust, he races through narrow passages from piles of boards, uses tree trunks while they are loaded by huge machines as bridges and drives at high speed next gigantic saws along the production line.

It’s just these huge machines that build up tons of obstacles in minutes, set ramps and landings, or allow them to balance on a floating log for the Enduro Pro under the motto “Let’s work together”. Manuel Lettenbichler leaves nothing untouched in this sawmill of superlatives: on a site of about 40 hectares that contains about 70,000 tonnes wood, which is supplied with more than 150 truckloads a day.

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