Why Bentley is a brand for top athletes and celebs

Why Bentley is a brand for top athletes and celebs


Why Bentley is a brand for top athletes and celebs

Do you ever wonder why major celebrities and athletes lean toward a particular automotive manufacturer? I know when I am reading up on my latest celeb gossip or tabloid fix, I see these prominent folks driving luxurious vehicles and wonder what the appeal is.

Recently, I was able to experience one of the brands that these well-known people tend to drive – Bentley. I now understand why I see them in the driveways of these established people.

To close out the month of May, I had the opportunity to drive the spacious and head-turning Flying Spur V8 S. This vehicle in the Bentley lineup was coated in what the company calls Extreme Silver with 21-inch wheels. I was able to drive this near quarter of a million-dollar car and I have to say that I felt like a million bucks.

The actual cost of this Flying Spur after factoring in package details including:

  • Mulliner black machine wheels
  • Interior contrast branded stitching in the front and rear seats
  • GPS and LED screen controls
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Speedometer reaching 210 mph / 340 kph
  • Window and lamp tints
  • Popularity
  • Confidence-boosters
  • Excessive smiling

Along with a myriad of other Bentley ordained detail, was a sensible $242,095.00.

This was definitely a lap of luxury moment in a vehicle. In Manhattan, there are plenty of high-end automobiles that grab the attention of on-lookers; from the manufacturers that are in the hearts of Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Meatpacking District and the like, but the Flying Spur was a main contender turning heads as it drove past. Whether it was in a neighborhood or smoothly sailing down the Westside Highway, the Bentley stood out.

If you are in the market looking for style and a head-turning automobile, and can muster up the finances to spend, I would highly recommend looking into a Bentley. The internal team at the manufacturer was also incredible and responded to any question that may have been posed within minutes.

They were fantastic and a joy to work with.

Throughout the year, I will be covering various luxurious automotive manufacturers. Keep up and follow along to see if some of your favorite vehicles are featured.

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