Girls panic as great white shark swims toward beach

Girls panic as great white shark swims toward beach


Girls panic as great white shark swims toward beach

A great white shark was spotted entering shallow water off Nauset Beach, Mass., on Monday, sending a group of girls into a brief fit of hysterics.

But one of the moms knew just how to calm the children.

The accompanying footage shows the juvenile shark swimming into waist-deep water. Fortunately, nobody was swimming at the time.

The girls shriek as the shark swims closer. “Mom! Mom! Mommy!” is followed by screaming – until the mom sternly interjects.

“It’s not coming onto the sand; it’s not Sharknado!” she says. “What are you doing?”

The screaming stops and the footage, captured by Kay Marie at Outer Beach in Nauset, comes to a peaceful end. Presumably, the shark eventually ventured back into deep water.

Sharknado, for those unaware, was the first of a made-for-TV science-fiction horror comedy series, in which sharks were lifted by a waterspout and deposited onto the streets of Santa Monica, near Los Angeles.

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In real life, great white sharks feed mostly on seals off Cape Cod, Mass., every summer. Several sightings have been reported in recent weeks.

On August 15, a 61-year-old man was bitten by a shark while swimming in Truro. He suffered deep puncture wounds to one leg and his torso. He was released from the hospital this week.

A Truro beach was closed briefly on Monday because of a shark sighting. It’s not clear if Nauset Beach was closed at the time Kay Marie was documenting the sighting of the juvenile shark and the screaming girls.

The footage was shared to Facebook on Monday by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, generating lots of spirited commentary.

–Images are video screen grabs

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