See some of the best wildlife photos of 2018

See some of the best wildlife photos of 2018


See some of the best wildlife photos of 2018

More than 45,000 images from professional and amateur photographers from across 95 countries entered the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 contest hosted by the Natural History Museum in London, and BNQT has been given permission to offer a sneak peak at some of the top entries.

The winners are scheduled to be announced Oct. 16, and the exhibition at the museum will open Oct. 19.

All photos copyrighted and used with permission.

Cool cat

Photo credit: Isak Pretorius, South Africa

A lioness drinks from a waterhole in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.


Glass-house guard

Photo credit: Wayne Jones, Australia

A yellow pygmy goby guards its home, a discarded glass bottle, on the sandy seabed off the coast of Mabini in the Philippines.


Looking for love

Photo credit: Tony Wu, USA

An Asian sheepshead wrasse sets out to impress females with its pastel colors, protruding lips and outstanding pink forehead off the remote Sado Island off Japan.



Photo credit: Emmanuel Rondeau, France

A Bengal tiger gazes at the camera set up in a remote forest in the Himalayas of central Bhutan.


Kitten combat

Photo credit: Julius Kramer, Germany

On the brink of giving up trying to capture Eurasian lynx, Kramer set up his camera trap in the Upper Bavarian Forest in Germany one more time and captured two 6-month-old kittens playing.


Meerkat mob

Photo credit: Tertius A. Gous, South Africa

When an Anchieta’s cobra approached two meerkat pups near Brandberg Mountain in Namibia, the cavalry came to the rescue, one group grabbing the pups the other dealing with the snake.



Photo credit: Sue Forbes, UK

A juvenile red-footed booby swoops down to seize its prey, in this case a flying fish, northeast of D’Arros Island in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.



Photo credit: Christian Wappl, Austria

A firefly larva more than three inches long emits a continuous glow in the Peninsular Botanic Garden in Thailand.


Mister Whiskers

Photo credit: Valter Bernardeschi, Italy

With wetsuit on, Bernardeschi got into the water and used two monopod poles and a float to extend his camera in front of him as walruses fed off an island in the Norwegian archipelago off Svalbard.


The victor

Photo credit: Adam Hakim Hogg, Malaysia

A Titiwangsa horned tree lizard is victorious over a venomous Malaysian jewel centipede in the mountains of Pahang, Malaysia.

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