15-year-old boy expertly catches record mahi-mahi

15-year-old boy expertly catches record mahi-mahi


15-year-old boy expertly catches record mahi-mahi

A 15-year-old boy landed the fish of a lifetime—a 66-pound mahi-mahi—that not only set a club record but also might qualify as a junior world record. In fact, it could be the biggest ever taken off New Jersey.

Eddie Kelly of Ocean City, N.J., caught the fish Sunday while fishing the Canyons 80 miles off New Jersey on the boat and team called the Lisa Marie, and the massive fish helped the team win the Ocean City Marlin and Tuna Club Tournament. The team also caught and released three white marlin that day.

“Eddie did an incredible job reeling in the big guy; he had never fought anything that big before and I was very impressed at how he handled it,” Ryan Gallagher, who was on the fishing team, told BNQT. “He didn’t skip a beat reeling it in, and made it easy for the rest of us to get the mahi-mahi in the boat.

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“We are all very excited for Eddie. He’s had a love for fishing since he was a little guy, going out with his dad all the time.”

Making it all the more impressive was the fact he caught it using light tackle. Kelly was using 30-pound-test line.

The fish, also known as dolphin, dolphinfish and dorado, broke the previous club record of 63 pounds that stood since 2010.

The International Game Fish Association dolphinfish world record for juniors (ages 11 to 16) is currently 61 pounds, 8 ounces. Gallagher said they’d look into submitting Kelly’s fish for world-record consideration.

The fish would have qualified as a state record, which currently stands at 63 pounds, 3 ounces, but Gallagher said state officials needed to have examined the fish. So at best, it’s an unofficial state record.

“Unfortunately we did not go through the process to have it submitted getting back late and not knowing it was a state record at the time,” Gallagher told BNQT. “But we sure have never seen a mahi-mahi this size before. Only on the wall of a restaurant!”

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gallaher/RunnersHi Studio.

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