Videos of rare triple whale breaches surface twice within days

Videos of rare triple whale breaches surface twice within days


Videos of rare triple whale breaches surface twice within days

On the heels of video surfacing Friday of a rare triple breach by humpback whales comes a second video showing another rare triple breach. Call it the double-triple of whale watching.

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch from Provincetown, Mass., posted the video above from Monday’s sunset trip showing three humpback whales breaching nearly simultaneously with a baby making it four as an afterthought.

“I am a naturalist and have been on 1,000-plus whale watch trips,” the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch naturalist wrote on Facebook. “Last night was my FIRST TIME seeing a triple breach!

“We post these videos and photos cause it’s absolutely amazing, as you know, not because it’s what we expect to see when we go offshore!”

On the contrary, the spectacular display is not something you see everyday. It’s rare to see two whales breaching at once let along three.

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But Captain Tom Gordon of Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises was ready for it when it happened on one of his trips off Nova Scotia last month.

This video was posted to YouTube on Monday after initially being posted Friday on the Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises Facebook page:

“These three whales were very peaceful beside us, after swimming/drifting over to us,” Gordon, a biologist, wrote on Facebook. “Perhaps inspired by other whale(s) breaching not far away, that we could hear hitting the water, they ‘decided’ to go for it.”

Gordon excitedly told his whale watchers four times, “Get ready, it’s going to be a triple breach!”

Sure enough, 14 seconds after the whales disappeared they reappeared in extraordinary fashion.

To see two videos of triple breaches released within days of each other is just incredible.

Photo of the breaching whales is a photo grab from the video.

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