For Alison Tetrick, Cycling is More than Racing

For Alison Tetrick, Cycling is More than Racing


For Alison Tetrick, Cycling is More than Racing

Sports is about community. Whether it’s professional sports or rec leagues, the community are camaraderie is what makes sports great.

Beyond the social community aspect, sports bring a level of fitness that cannot be achieved playing sports via a video game.

Road cycling, while not an adventure sport, provides a place for that community of outdoor/adventure enthusiasts to cross train and find adventure through other avenues.

“I played collegiate tennis in college and found professional cycling later in my life,” said pro cyclist/racer Alison Tetrick. “You can build a different aerobic engine within the body, and challenge your body through a non body impact sport, yet for those that enjoy the drive of competition there are so many ways to push yourself in cycling, in whatever form of cycling you do. So many other elite athletes have fallen in love with the sport for so many reasons beyond the fitness aspect.”

NBA Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller is one of those athletes who has adopted a love for bicycles, especially mountain bikes, after his professional career.

Photo via Action Sports Network

“Reggie is the best,” said Tetrick. “He has embraced this sport to the point where he even has his own cycling apparel line. Tomorrow, November 3 is a charity ride here in California that I am going to be a part of and I tried to get Reggie to come ride and be a part of the race with me. Cycling lets you work out and be social while you ride, plus you are outside and the views of wherever you ride are always better than the views inside a home.”

Mike Nasco Memorial Ride 2017 – Photo: David Robert Newman

As referenced by Tetrick, the Mike Nosco Memorial ride is November 3, 2018 starting and finishing in Borchard Park, California. Nearly 14 years ago, Mike Nosco was killed in a horrific and devastating traffic accident. Mike was a friend, an uncle, a soldier, son and a great brother. Nosco served in the Navy for 20 years and was dedicated to his country, and now his brother Jack Nosco keeps the memory of Mike alive through this charity bike ride every year on the day of his brothers passing.

It is events like this that are made possible through the community of sports.

If you would like to donate to the cause click here.

While Tetrick is a professional cyclist, she loves to support the other bike communities and how they progress the community of bicycles and push people past their comfort level. With an outdoor sport, you never have the exact same “venue” to participate in, so one must rely on skill and be able to adapt.

“There is a direct relationship between training and performance in cycling and outdoors sports that require training,” said Tetrick. “You see immediate results. I can ride my bike 80 miles one day, and 82 the next because my fitness and endurance is improving. Those immediate results can fuel you. When you prepare correctly, the mind and the body work together to push you past your comfort level.”

Beyond cycling, Tetrick cheers and roots for the other bike communities like BMX freestyle and racing as well as downhill mountain biking.

“I love all disciplines of the sport, and it is awesome to see it growing from a grassroots level. Whether it is road cycling, bmx or downhill mountain biking and even cyclecross, the more people that ride bikes, the more awareness of cycling it creates and that is always a good thing bringing about more success within the industry. That being said, while I support and love all the communities, you will never catch me racing a mountain bike down a hill like the riders in Red Bull Rampage last weekend, that is beyond crazy.”

Growing the community of cycling is huge for Tetrick. Whether it grows through charity rides like the Mike Nosco Memorial ride tomorrow or through her Instagram pop up bike rides she puts together along with Peet’s Coffee, what matters most to her is the relationships built among friends both old and new and the relationship you build within yourself with your bike.

“The sport is great,” said Tetrick. “You build confidence in yourself and you also build your body into a a better place than before you started. Having goals of fitness is never a bad thing and meeting new people to ride with is what the sport is about on a grassroots level. Having my relationship with Peet’s Coffee has been great to facilitate this and support my local communities. Coffee is social and so are bikes. You can go bike to shop, grab a coffee and then go finish your ride.”

So where are you going to bike to next? I am thinking I may need a coffee run.


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