07 Sep

An Australian cyclist named Neil was pedaling along with his pals near Prospect Reservoir in Western Sydney over the weekend when he became the target of two kangaroos seemingly determined to take him down. “Normally we see kangaroos, but [they] never really come into (…)

22 May

A cyclist on a trail next to Glenn Highway in Anchorage, Alaska, fell to the ground as a mother moose charged and lunged at him in a defensive maneuver to protect its two calves. A camera crew from KTVA captured video of the encounter and was prompted to intervene when the (…)

24 Aug 11

An epic week long MTB journey through the UK, ‘TransWales’ is now entering its sixth season and is making a name for itself in the MTB Trans map. TransWales can pretty much be summed up as an biking competition that pushes your limits but (…)