matt wilkinson

12 Dec 12

Hawaii, while it belongs to one of the 50 states of the U.S. seems so damn exotic for some reason. Oh wait, that’s because it’s an island in the Pacific and it is exotic! It only makes sense that amongst the beautiful landscape and scenery, many beautiful women (…)

26 Oct 12

As if Matt Wilko was born to entertain, he was also born to surf. Check out a recent clip of him shredding the face off of a bunch of some buttery Lowers waves. Too bad he didn’t bring out his infamous “nipple wetsuit”. That thing was such a quirky (…)

17 Oct 12

WARNING: There may be some pretty risque footage in the following video. Now that we have you’re attention… When we say the names Mick, Jordy, Taj and Wilko, we assume you probably have a good idea who we’re talking about. If not, you’re probably on (…)