The Social Platter

08 Apr 14

Australian born Laura Enever is one of the most talented female surfers on our fine planet. She’s won all the right contests since turning pro and is yet another surf babe that sports one hell of a body. Hence making our Social Platter… Enjoy! (…)

03 Apr 14

Her injuries aside in the latter part of her career, Serena Brooks has been a constant threat on the women’s surf scene for years. Since joining the ASP Tour in 1997 she’s finish top five in each of her first five years, including two second place finishes in 1998 (…)

02 Apr 14

Surfing since the age of two, Karina Petroni spends most of her time in the water and a bikini. Thank god because this surfer babe is just that, a total babe! Looks aside, Karina is the youngest surfer, male or female, to win the amateur surf championships; finishing with three (…)